Indoor Nature Connections: Day 5

It's officially Spring and nature is bursting with change!

Tree buds are on the verge of opening and numerous catkins will soon hang their flowery heads. There is so much going on outdoors in the Springtime and it can be hard to take it all in before it's gone!

Ever smelled the rotten odor of the skunk cabbage?

Or see the earthworms resurface after a Spring rain?

How many signs of Spring have you experienced before?

Find out while playing a game of Spring-O!

Print out this FREE Spring-O Board and mark the Spring nature occurrences you've experienced before. Five in a row wins!

Now circle the things you haven't seen.

Next time you head outdoors, challenge yourself to find those you've missed. (Maybe skip the bear though...)

Spring is such a fast season and if we don't slow down and take some time to experience it, we wind up missing out on so much. When we're mindful of the natural world around us, it's magic reveals itself. Happy Spring!

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