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B E R K S H I R E  F A M I L Y  H I K E S

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In 2019, we made a commitment to get our family outside more. Lucky for us, the vistas and vales of the beautiful Berkshires are right in our own backyard. There is always something waiting for us to go out and discover it. Getting outdoors is a great way to inspire creativity, to relax, decompress, and strengthen our family relationships. Days when we feel sluggish and static, nature is there to revive our spirits. Days when our energy is fit to burst through the walls, nature is the great equalizer. Our experiences aren’t always perfect, but the trick is to just keep on going. We hope to inspire families to get outdoors and explore with less stress and more confidence. We share and review our adventures and provide tips and tricks that helped us along the trail. We offer our Must Know Before You Go’s and welcome feedback from our readers! Ultimately, we’re just your typical family trying to encourage others to deepen their connections with nature.

Come adventure with us!


The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.

John Muir


B e r k s h i r e  F a m i l y  H i k e s

Berkshire County, MA, USA

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